Stock Market Investing Mistakes (Part 2)

In “Stock Market Investing Mistakes (Part 1)”, I shared my experience with BMW AG shares. Since then shares of BMW AG rose around 16%, so now its weight in my portfolio increased even further. On a good side, I have now a small positive gain. As I mentioned, in my previous post, I plan to Read more about Stock Market Investing Mistakes (Part 2)[…]

Investment Portfolio Update (October 2019)

paper assets (individual stocks, pension funds, ETFs) [€85 112 (+323)] real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €90 414 (+786)] crowdfunding, p2p [€86 310 (+974)] cryptocurrencies [€495 (+55)] cash (bank deposits, cash on bank accounts) [€26 310 (+3 940)] Net worth: €288 618 (+6 055)Cash Flow/Investments Income (October): €2 020 (-40) I increased my cash position by Read more about Investment Portfolio Update (October 2019)[…]

Investment Portfolio Update (September 2019)

I didn’t make any significant changes to the portfolio in September. One change that is worth mentioning is the addition of a new crowdfunding platform, see more details below. paper assets (individual stocks, pension funds, ETFs) [€84 789 (+1 395)] real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €89 628 (+1 298)] crowdfunding, p2p [€85 336 (+856)] Read more about Investment Portfolio Update (September 2019)[…]

Investing During Market Downturn

How to Time the Market? One option would be to use a time machine. In case you don’t have access to it and still want to invest during market downturns, read on! Intro When I started investing in the stock market expert analysts were predicting each day that it will crash tomorrow 🙂 Nowadays, I Read more about Investing During Market Downturn[…]

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