Investment Portfolio Update (November 2019)

  • paper assets (individual stocks, pension funds, ETFs) [€89 728 (+4 616)]
  • real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €91 147 (+733)]
  • crowdfunding, p2p [€88 726 (+2 416)]
  • cryptocurrencies [€405 (-90)]
  • cash (bank deposits, cash on bank accounts) [€28 936 (+2 626)]

Net worth: €298 942 (+10 324)
Cash Flow/Investments Income (November): €2 032 (+12)

The net worth is approaching 300k, hopefully this goal will be reached in December. The impressive +10k gain comes mostly from my stock portfolio. I will cover it in more details in Stocks/ETFs section. 

Paper Assets


My current stocks portfolio value: €60 547 (+3050).

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This was again a very good month for my stocks portfolio. The shares of BMW AG increased another 6.5%, while TEVA gained around 27% in November. In case you would like to find out how did I end up with 43.5% weight of BMW AG and 17.89% of TEVA in my potfolio, check the following two posts: BMW AG, TEVA.

It is worth mentioning, that in November our Estonian bank (Coop Pank) announced that it goes public (IPO). The shares of Coop Pank should start trading on Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange (TSE) on December 9. I did patriotically subscribe to a small amount of shares. We will see how it goes.
Meanwhile, you can read more about this IPO here:
Subscription to Coop Pank shares starts on November 18
Some 11,000 investors took part in Coop Pank IPO

During this month I sold one of my ETFs tracking Nasdaq 100 index (CNDX – iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF).

It was merely done for profit-taking and cash accumulation purposes. By the way, this reminded me of two contradictory quotes 🙂 :

No one ever went broke taking profits.

Bernard Baruch

Selling your winners and holding your losers is like cutting the flowers and watering the weeds.

Peter Lynch

Dividend income in November: $0 (-11.55)

Pension Funds

My pension funds (2 & 3 pillars) account value: €29 181 (+1 566).

2nd pillar: Tuleva World Stocks Pension Fund

3rd pillar: Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund

In one of my previous portfolio update I emphasized that when choosing a pension fund I’m looking for 2 things:

  • low expense ratio 
  • invests mostly in broad ETFs

This month I switched to Tuleva for my 3rd pillar as it has lower expense ratio. Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund invest in MSCI ACWI (All Country World Index). 

Real Estate

Due to some unexpected technical issues, the acquisition of Rental Property #8 was moved to February 2020. I will definitely share more info in the upcoming posts.
Meanwhile, here is the performance of the existing 7 rental apartments:

EquityCash Flow
Rental Property #1€34 500€301
Rental Property #2€25 366€164
Rental Property #3€4 803€76
Rental Property #4€3 793€118
Rental Property #5€5 027€63
Rental Property #6€17 095€148
Rental Property #7€563€155
Total€91 147€1025

The equity increased by €786, this is all through monthly principal repayments. I am not taking into account any appreciation/depreciation in my real estate portfolio since it’s something that is very hard to measure.

Monthly return: (1025/91147)*100% = 1.12% (13.49% annualized)


Cash Flow in November: €1 007 (+23)
Monthly return: (1007/88726)*100% = 1.13% (13.62% annualized)

The income from platforms increased in November by €23 and it is finally got over a €1000/month goal 🙂

I received some questions about the risk of crowdfunding/p2p investments. Some people assume that I consider these platforms low-risk since they account for almost 1/3 of my portfolio. This is not true. The reason why I have around 1/3 of my portfolio in P2P is that currently, this is one of the most convenient ways to get cash flow with 10-20% interest on your capital.

To decrease the risk, my P2P portfolio requires some tweaks. I think Envestio, Crowdestor, and Swaper gained too much popularity in my portfolio. I assume that it happened because of the high interest offered by these platforms. In the upcoming months, my plan is to increase my position in platforms that I consider less risky while maintaining (or slightly decreasing) the position of more risky platforms.


In my opinion, EstateGuru is one of the safest platforms out there. In November I added €479. Here are some of the projects that were partially funded by me this month 🙂

In December I plan to deposit more funds to EstateGuru.

If you would like to get a 0.5% bonus from all investments made during the first 3 months then feel free to register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€8 974


This one is self-descriptive and boring 🙂 No deposits/withdrawals this month. Overall, I’m happy with the passive income that TWINO provides.

Total Account Value€5 266


In November, I withdrew €100. The interest rates are still low on Mintos.

Total Account Value€7 743


Despite all the problematic projects on Crowdestate, I decided to invest in two projects in November. These are secured real estate projects situated in Estonia.

Total Account Value€9 951


In November Crowdestor was able to bring a lot of interesting projects. I invested in many of them:

Crowdestor is another platform that so far made all the payments to investors on time. One more thing that I like about Crowdestor is its buyback fund. The current value of this fund is around 212K and it grows with each new project.

This is what Crowdestor tells us about their Buyback Guarantee Fund:

In summary, the Buyback Guarantee Fund will operate in a roughly similar way to the Deposit Guarantee Funds of credit institutions operating in the EU Member States. While being a start-up crowdfunding entity, CROWDESTOR constantly strives to offer to its client’s various instruments aimed for improvement of the Investors’ risk standing in an overall balanced and structured approach.

Total Account Value€12 241


The cash drag on Swaper increased again in November. I used this as an opportunity to withdraw some money and diversify. Swaper still seems quite attractive to me, because of the 2% loyalty bonus.

Total Account Value€13 142


Robocash investments are super passive and stable as usual.

Total Account Value€3 206


While Mintos is struggling with keeping their interest rates above 11%, Grupeer has plenty of loans with a 12-13% rate. In November I added €936 to my account and I plan to add more in December.

Total Account Value€6 217


In November I didn’t make any deposits/withdrawals, all interest and principal repayments were reinvested into the new projects. So far all the payments on this platform were made on time and I had zero issues with Envestio. However, in order to improve the diversification of my p2p/crowd portfolio, I plan to continue reinvesting without depositing any new funds because currently, Envestio has the biggest weight in my p2p/crowd portfolio.

This month I invested in the following two projects:

Total Account Value€15 762


In November I deposited €400 to Bulkestate. Moreover, a couple of projects finished before the maturity date. All returned both principal and interests. This explains how I got paid € 158 in interest this month.

In November there was a project with a monthly interest rate. Of course, I used this opportunity to invest.

Total Account Value€2 983


UPDATE: There are some possible issues with Kuetzal.
Meanwhile, I would not recommend investing through this platform.

In November I received all the planned interest from Kuetzal, deposited €200 and invested in “Spilve Twinhouse #2” project.

There is a new project coming to Kuetzal in December:

Total Account Value€1 027


In December I will add more funds to Reinvest24 as they’re finally going to introduce a new project.

Total Account Value€548


I added this platform at the beginning of September. It looks similar to Kuetzal, Envestio, Crowdestor and also provides similar high interest rates.

In November I deposited €200 to Wisefund and invested in the following projects:

If you would like to get 0.5% cashback on each investment made during the first 270 days then register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€1475


Total portfolio value: €404.79 (-90.02)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-32-1200x371.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-33.png


Cash position: €19 713 (+901) and $10 162 (+1853).

Slowly increasing my cash position for the future rental apartment acquisition.

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to leave your comments/questions/suggestions below and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉

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