Investment Portfolio Update (March 2020)

  • crowdfunding, p2p, loans [€59 603 (-10 938)]
  • cryptocurrencies [€1 032 (-343)]
  • paper assets (individual stocks, bonds,  pension funds, ETFs) [€91 183  (-365)]
  • real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €94 103 (+705)]
  • cash (bank deposits, cash on bank accounts) [€28 514 (+1 830)]

Net worth: €274 435 (-9 111)
Monthly Cash Flow/Investments Income: €2 050 (+296)

Some highlights:


Monthly cash flow: €486 (-214)
Monthly return: (486/59603)*100% = 0.82% (9.8% annualized)

This month I also decided to take advantage of the stock market correction by moving some uninvested and highly liquid (Twino, Swaper) funds to the stock market. I’m also withdrawing from Mintos and Robocash, but this takes a lot of time. For more information, read “How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects my portfolio (Part 1)” and “How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects my portfolio (Part 2)”. Here is a table that summarizes my withdrawals this month:

Platform Amount Time to sell
Twino€2 4141-5 minutes
Swaper€6 6231-2 hours
Robocash€2 006weeks

The withdrawals were made to take advantage of the crashing stock market and to decrease the overall risk of my portfolio. In my opinion, the stock market and especially ETFs are much safer than P2P investments. This crisis is a good opportunity to rebalance by moving some funds from P2P to stocks.


In my opinion, EstateGuru is one of the safest platforms out there as they have a proven track record of successfully recovered projects. Nevertheless, I don’t plan to invest any additional funds until the situation stabilizes.

Here is the new statistics that EstateGuru posted this month:

If you would like to get a 1% bonus from all investments made during the first 3 months then feel free to register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€10 433


This one is self-descriptive and boring 🙂 Overall, I’m happy with the passive income that TWINO provides. This month TWINO bumped their interest rates by about 2%. Nevertheless, I withdrew almost everything I had to take advantage of the stock market correction. My plan is to start again accumulating funds on this platform when the situation stabilizes. The investments on TWINO proved to be extremely liquid.

Withdrawals€2 414
Total Account Value€26


Mintos has a lot of issues. For now, I’m withdrawing all repaid interest and principal.

If you want to try Mintos, feel free to use my referral link. This way we both will get bonuses.

Total Account Value€4 919


The performance of my Crowdestate portfolio is horrible. There are a lot of problematic projects.

Total Account Value€10 257


Crowdestor gave a payment vacation to all borrowers, so I expect my earnings to be close to zero in the upcoming months. I don’t plan to invest on Crowdestor until the situation improves.

Total Account Value€11 951


In March I’ve withdrawn €6 623 from my Swaper account. There is nothing wrong with this platform but I decided to withdraw all I have, it was done purely to take advantage of the stock market correction and be prepared to buy more stocks with discounts. Investments on this platform proved to be very liquid and I plan to return when the situation improves. Swaper offers quite a passive investment experience and a loyalty bonus (+2%) for those who invest more than 5K.

Swaper decided to increase regular interest rates to 14% from 12% and for Loyalty investors to 16% from 14%.

Withdrawals€6 623.22
Total Account Value€22


Robocash investments are super passive and stable as usual. In March, Robocash increased their interest rates to 14%. It didn’t stop me from withdrawing €1 204 to invest in stocks.

Withdrawals€1 204
Total Account Value€2 130


Grupeer stopped returning free investors’ funds from account balances. This is a very bad sign. Also, loans from some loan originators appear to be fake. There is a very big chance that Grupeer is another scam 🙁 I still expect to recover part of my investments, but the chances are very slim. I decided to wait a couple of months before I write off completely my Grupeer portfolio. Starting from the next month I will stop count monthly earnings from Grupeer as real.

Total Account Value€6 757


I really like Bulkestate as most of their projects have real estate as collateral and they provide pretty high returns. However, for now, I don’t plan to add more funds to the platform.

Total Account Value€3 163


Reinvest24 presented a new project, but I don’t plan to invest in it while we’re in this crisis.

Total Account Value€1 053


No big changes here. I’m trying to exit this platform.

Total Account Value€1 204


Total portfolio value: €1 032 (-343)


Unfortunately, Nexo informed that it has temporarily suspended the provision of its services both on the territory of the Republic of Estonia and to Estonian citizens. I really liked this platform and hope Nexo will be re-enabled for users from Estonia soon. It gives 8% interest rates on cash deposits, which are backed by crypto assets.

A bit more details on this feature from Nexo site:

I still keep Nexo tokens and plan to add more.
The value of my Nexo tokens increased from $266 to $274.79.


Paper Assets


My current stocks/etfs/bonds portfolio value: €63 546 (+1 598).

My stocks portfolio actually decreased this month significantly. The only reason you see +1 598€ is because in March I invested around 17K in the stock market. More details can be found here: How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects my portfolio (Part 2).

Dividend income in February: $68 (68)

Pension Funds

My pension funds (2 & 3 pillars) account value: €27 637 (-1 963).

2nd pillar: Tuleva World Stocks Pension Fund

3rd pillar: Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund

In one of my previous portfolio update I emphasized that when choosing a pension fund I’m looking for 2 things:

  • low expense ratio 
  • invests mostly in broad ETFs

Real Estate

Here is the performance of my 7 rental apartments:

EquityCash Flow
Rental Property #1€34 500€300
Rental Property #2€25 835€174
Rental Property #3€5 488€76
Rental Property #4€4 058€525
Rental Property #5€5 542€63
Rental Property #6€17 384€168
Rental Property #7€1 296€155
Total€94 103€1 462

The slight increase in the cash flow is because of one of the tenants decided to suddenly move out a couple of days after paying his monthly rent. I was able to find a new tenant in about one week, so that’s why the cash flow for Rental Property #4 increased. However, in the following months, the cash flow for some apartments will go down since I offered a discount for some tenants.

The equity increased by €705, this is all through monthly principal repayments. I am not taking into account any appreciation/depreciation in my real estate portfolio since it’s something that is very hard to measure.

Monthly return: (1462/94103)*100% = 1.55% (18.64% annualized)


Monthly income: €33.09


Cash position: €27 003 (+6 625) and $1 647 (-5 364).

Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and as always feel free to leave your comments/questions/suggestions below and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉

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