Investment Portfolio Update (February 2020)

  • crowdfunding, p2p, loans [€70 541 (-7 935)]
  • cryptocurrencies [€1 375 (-1 535)]
  • paper assets (individual stocks, bonds,  pension funds, ETFs) [€91 548 (+1 660)]
  • real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €93 398 (+748)]
  • cash (bank deposits, cash on bank accounts) [€26 684 (+4 118)]

Net worth: €283 546 (-2 884)
Monthly Cash Flow/Investments Income: €1 754 (-60)

Some highlights:


Monthly cash flow: €700 (-67)
Monthly return: (700/70541)*100% = 0.99% (11.9% annualized)

This month I decided to take advantage of the stock market correction by moving some uninvested and highly liquid (Mintos, Twino, Swaper, Nexo) funds to the stock market. The investments/loans on all 4 platforms proved to be very liquid. Here is the table from my post on “How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects my portfolio” that summarizes the amounts and time that it took to convert some loans into withdrawable cash:

Platform Amount Time to sell
Mintos€2 2531-2 hours
Twino€1 4401-5 minutes
Swaper€4 4541-5 minutes
Nexo€2 006instant

I really like these platforms and don’t plan to exit them, moreover, I plan to add even more money to these p2p platforms in the future. The withdrawals were made exclusively to take advantage of the crashing stock market.


In my opinion, EstateGuru is one of the safest platforms out there as they have a proven track record of successfully recovered projects.

This month Estateguru announced that its financing first project in Germany:

In February I deposited additional €1 390 to EstateGuru.

If you would like to get a 0.5% bonus from all investments made during the first 3 months then feel free to register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€10 534


This one is self-descriptive and boring 🙂 Overall, I’m happy with the passive income that TWINO provides. Nevertheless, I withdrew some funds to take advantage of the stock market correction.

Withdrawals€2 340
Total Account Value€2 422


In February, I first deposited €1 000 and then withdrew €2 253 when the stock market started to tank. I don’t plan to exit Mintos, moreover, I’ll definitely add more funds to this platform as soon as the storm on the stock market will calm.

Meanwhile, the interest rates are still moving up on Mintos and already reaching 17%, also Monego loans are slowly paid back as they reach 60+ days overdue.

If you want to try Mintos, feel free to use my referral link. This way we both will get bonuses.

Deposits€1 000
Withdrawals€2 253
Total Account Value€5 171


My income from Crowdestate went up a bit in February. However, I’m not satisfied with the number of problematic projects on this platform. It would be interesting to see how they solve these issues. Nevertheless, in February I invested in 2 low-risk Estonian real estate projects.

Total Account Value€10 234


Crowdestor is a platform that so far made all the payments to investors on time. I hope these payments that we see in our accounts correlate 100% with what borrowers actually pay/transfer to Crowdestor.

However, for now, I’m decreasing my position in Crowdestor by withdrawing the interest and principal that I receive. My stake in this platform is just too high.

Total Account Value€12 103


In February I’ve withdrawn €5 608 from my Swaper account. There is nothing wrong with this platform and I don’t plan to exit, it was done purely to take advantage of the stock market correction and be prepared to buy stocks with discounts. Swaper offers quite a passive investment experience and a loyalty bonus (+2%) for those who invest more than 5K.

Withdrawals€5 607.89
Total Account Value€6 162


Robocash investments are super passive and stable as usual.

Total Account Value€3 306


Grupeer is one of my favorite platforms. They have a good level of transparency and maintain quite high interest rates.

Grupeer introduced “Portfolio Statistics” feature this month – it’s quite useful I would say.

Total Account Value€7 061


I really like Bulkestate as most of their projects have real estate as collateral and they provide pretty high returns.

There were 5 new projects on Bulkestate including one from Finland. I invested in all of them.

Total Account Value€3 154


Great platform, but not enough projects. I will add more funds to Reinvest24 as soon as they add a new project.

Total Account Value€1 048


I added Wisefund at the beginning of September. It looks similar to Envestio and Kuetzal and also provides similar high interest rates. This is one of the reasons why I decided to pause my investments into this platform. I’m also withdrawing all interests/principal that I receive. I wouldn’t suggest investing in this platform at this moment.

Btw, it looks like the CEO of Wisefund, Ingus Linkevics, is now the owner of the platform.

There are even more news related to this platform: now it has a secondary market.

Total Account Value€1 495


Total portfolio value: €1 375 (-1 535)


Unfortunately, Nexo informed that it has temporarily suspended the provision of its services both on the territory of the Republic of Estonia and to Estonian citizens. I really liked this platform and hope Nexo will be re-enabled for users from Estonia soon. It gives 8% interest rates on cash deposits, which are backed by crypto assets.

A bit more details on this feature from Nexo site:

I still keep Nexo tokens and plan to add more.
The value of my Nexo tokens increased from $232.74 to $266.


Paper Assets


My current stocks/etfs/bonds portfolio value: €61 948 (+2953).

In this period I invested €6 310 to the stock market. Nevertheless, as you can see, the value of my portfolio increased only by €2 953, that is it’s actually decreased by (2953 – 6310) = – €3 357. This is mostly due to worries related to coronavirus. For example, BMW closed one of their biggest factory in China and this of course was heavily reflected in the share price. I will buy more stocks if market falls further. For more details, see my post: 
How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects my portfolio.

Dividend income in February: $0 (0)

Pension Funds

My pension funds (2 & 3 pillars) account value: €29 600 (-1 293).

2nd pillar: Tuleva World Stocks Pension Fund

3rd pillar: Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund

In one of my previous portfolio update I emphasized that when choosing a pension fund I’m looking for 2 things:

  • low expense ratio 
  • invests mostly in broad ETFs

Real Estate

Here is the performance of my 7 rental apartments:

EquityCash Flow
Rental Property #1€34 500€300
Rental Property #2€25 711€174
Rental Property #3€5 311€76
Rental Property #4€4 058€106
Rental Property #5€5 396€64
Rental Property #6€17 306€148
Rental Property #7€1 116€155
Total€93 398€1 023

The equity increased by €748, this is all through monthly principal repayments. I am not taking into account any appreciation/depreciation in my real estate portfolio since it’s something that is very hard to measure.

Monthly return: (1023/93398)*100% = 1.10% (13.14% annualized)


Monthly income: €30.13


Cash position: €20 378 (+7 086) and $7 011 (-3 168).

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to leave your comments/questions/suggestions below and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉

7 thoughts on “Investment Portfolio Update (February 2020)

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for checking out my monthly returns! Could you please be more specific, so that I would be able to correct mistakes if there are any.

    • Hi Mati! I bought multiple stocks of Estonian companies and also added some funds to my ETF portfolio, just to mention a few: EQQQ, SXR8, XDAX, IWDA, IDVY, ROAI. I’ll describe it in more detail in the series of posts related to the current stock market correction.

  • Hi there,

    Do you have an article that describes into more depth your real estate portfolio?

    Having 7 apartments is preatty impressive and some inside infos would help us too.

    I am looking also into ways of getting into real estate so that would be interested.

    Have a nice day!!
    Loukas from

    • Hi Loukas! Thanks for your comment. Which topics would you like to get covered in such article?

      • Hello again,

        Basically investing in real estate is not that easy. It takes time, planning, capital and so on.

        So because I am too interested into real estate investing for cashflow purposes it would be great to have an analysis of how you started, what difficulties you had, how much time it took and how much capital.

        Many more could be covered, but basically what steps did you take and if is it worthy or not at the end.

        Also some strategies you followed to select the properties etch would be ideal.

        I know is much to ask but I am curious as to how it is possible to find cashflow positive homes in the european region and if it is worth it, compared to Reits for example.


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