Investment Portfolio Update (December 2019)

  • crowdfunding, p2p [€88 481 (-245)]
  • cryptocurrencies [€1 457 (+1 052)]
  • paper assets (individual stocks, pension funds, ETFs) [€89 492 (-236)]
  • real estate (7 rental apartments) [equity: €91 899 (+752)]
  • cash (bank deposits, cash on bank accounts) [€30 546 (+1 610)]

Net worth: €301 875 (+2 933)
Cash Flow/Investments Income (December): €1 946 (-86)

Some highlights:

  • The net worth has finally got over 300k!
  • Kuetzal has some serious issues and I requested buyback on 12.12.
  • New platform for cryptocurrencies (8% interest rates on deposits + tokens). Read more in Cryptocurrencies section.


Cash Flow in December: €857 (-150)
Monthly return: (857/88481)*100% = 0.97% (11.62% annualized)

The income from platforms decreased in December by €150. Probably this is related to some withdrawals that I made this month. My long-term goal is to keep the weight of the Crowdfunding/P2P part in my portfolio of around 20%. Currently, it is 29%, so I’m slowly decreasing it.

In my opinion, the pie chart that is shown above is not balanced enough. I’m working on making it more balanced by spreading the risk more uniformly across platforms while allocating slightly more weight to platforms that offer loans backed by firs-rank mortgages on real estate.


In my opinion, EstateGuru is one of the safest platforms out there as they have a proven track record of successfully recovered projects.

During its history, EstateGuru has resolved 15 defaulted loans in total resulting in a 11.3% average return. Capital loss on the EstateGuru platform remains 0%.


In December I added €669. In January I plan to deposit more funds to EstateGuru.

If you would like to get a 0.5% bonus from all investments made during the first 3 months then feel free to register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€9 645


This one is self-descriptive and boring 🙂 Overall, I’m happy with the passive income that TWINO provides.

Total Account Value€5 005


In December, I withdrew €735. I don’t plan to exit Mintos, just trying to stay diversified and keep my p2p portfolio balanced.

The interest rates are moving upwards on Mintos, however, there are more problematic LOs. In December IuteCredit and Monego licenses were revoked in Kosovo. Fortunately, “Finitera as a guarantor will cover scheduled borrower payments to investors having investments in Monego loans once these payments are delayed for 60 days“. I have around 1K invested in Monego loans, so I really look forward to receiving my money back, will definitely keep you posted. Also, IuteCredit as a group should repay Kosovo loans to investors. So, hopefully, investors won’t get hurt this time.

Total Account Value€7 088


My income from Crowdestate is going down. I’m not surprised considering the number of problematic projects on this platform. Nevertheless, in December I invested in 3 low-risk (in my opinion) projects backed by real estate.

Total Account Value€10 013


This month I invested in 2 high-yield projects on Crowdestor:

Crowdestor is another platform that so far made all the payments to investors on time. One more thing that I like about Crowdestor is its buyback fund. The current value of this fund is around 212K and it grows with each new project.

This is what Crowdestor tells us about their Buyback Guarantee Fund:

In summary, the Buyback Guarantee Fund will operate in a roughly similar way to the Deposit Guarantee Funds of credit institutions operating in the EU Member States. While being a start-up crowdfunding entity, CROWDESTOR constantly strives to offer to its client’s various instruments aimed for improvement of the Investors’ risk standing in an overall balanced and structured approach.


In January I plan to invest in at least the following 2 upcoming projects:

Total Account Value€12 293


In December I have withdrawn another €700 from my Swaper account. There is nothing wrong with this platform and I don’t plan to exit, just rebalancing my p2p portfolio. Swaper offers quite a passive investment experience and a loyalty bonus (+2%) for those who invest more than 5K.

Total Account Value€12 567


Robocash investments are super passive and stable as usual.

In order to increase the diversification, I’m slowly decreasing exposure to such platforms as Envestio, Swaper, Crowdestor, which currently occupy 17%, 14%, 14% respectively. My long-term goal is to have about 10 different platforms with more or less a uniform distribution between platforms, which is around 10% per platform.

Total Account Value€3 241


In December I added €487 to my Grupeer account and I plan to add more in January.

Total Account Value€6 571


In December, as always, all interest and principal were paid on time. However, I’ve withdrawn €807.93. This is to decrease the weight of Envestio in my p2p portfolio for diversification purposes. Currently, Envestio has the biggest weight in my p2p/crowdfunding portfolio. I would like to have no more than 10% of my p2p/crowdfunding portfolio dedicated to Envestio.

Total Account Value€15 189


In December I deposited €100 to Bulkestate. I really like this platform as most of their projects have real estate as collateral and they provide pretty high returns.

In December again there was a project with a monthly interest rate. Overall, I invested in 2 projects this month, €500 in each:

Total Account Value€3 085


This is probably the last time I mention Kuetzal in my blog posts. On December 12, I initiated buyback. So far, I didn’t receive any money from Kuetzal back. I’ve no intention to invest in this platform in the future even if I receive my money. Please check this post for more information.


In December I added €500 to Reinvest24 and invested in the “High yielding office space in Rocca Al Mare” project. I know this building and area very well and think that this is a really good investment.

Total Account Value€1 040


I added Wisefund at the beginning of September. It looks similar to Envestio, Crowdestor and also provides similar high interest rates. No problems so far. I plan to add more funds to this platform in January.

If you would like to get 0.5% cashback on each investment made during the first 270 days then register using my referral link!

Total Account Value€1 519


Total portfolio value: €1457.41 (+1 052)


Nexo is a new platform in my Cryptocurrencies portfolio. It gives 8% interest rates on cash deposits, which are backed by crypto assets.

A bit more details on this feature from Nexo site:

I transferred €1000 to test the platform and immediately started to receive daily interests of around €0.21/day. In December my interest income was: €6.08.
I also bought ~1.5K Nexo Tokens worth ~150$.


Paper Assets


My current stocks portfolio value: €59 304 (-1 243).

This was again a very good month for my stock portfolio. If you read one of my previous posts about BMW AG shares in my portfolio, then you probably know that I want to decrease my exposure to BMW AG stock, in order to make my portfolio more diversified and less vulnerable. In December I was able to sell 40 shares for 76.41 EUR per share, thus decreasing the weight of BMW AG in my portfolio to 40.89%.  

Dividend income in December: $11.97 (+11.97)

Pension Funds

My pension funds (2 & 3 pillars) account value: €30 188 (+1 007).

2nd pillar: Tuleva World Stocks Pension Fund

3rd pillar: Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund

In one of my previous portfolio update I emphasized that when choosing a pension fund I’m looking for 2 things:

  • low expense ratio 
  • invests mostly in broad ETFs

Real Estate

Here is the performance of my 7 rental apartments:

EquityCash Flow
Rental Property #1€34 500€300
Rental Property #2€25 484€164
Rental Property #3€4 978€76
Rental Property #4€3 877€118
Rental Property #5€5 120€64
Rental Property #6€17 168€148
Rental Property #7€772€165
Total€91 899€1 035

The equity increased by €752, this is all through monthly principal repayments. I am not taking into account any appreciation/depreciation in my real estate portfolio since it’s something that is very hard to measure.

Monthly return: (1035/91899)*100% = 1.13% (13.49% annualized)


Cash position: €19 713 (+901) and $10 162 (+1853).

Slowly increasing my cash position for the future rental apartment acquisition.

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to leave your comments/questions/suggestions below and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉

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