September 17, 2019


Today, I am in my mid-30s, living in Estonia and working in the IT sector.

I have already achieved my first financial goal – income from investments covers basic needs. This means that “in theory” I can already retire.
My closest financial goal is to earn more from investments than from a daily job. Hopefully, I will be able to hit this goal by 2025. This will allow me to retire, live a comfortable life and continue to invest. Nevertheless, I don’t want to necessarily retire by this time, because I like my job and probably will still like it in 2025.

To achieve those goals I started saving at approximately age 24. These were mostly bank deposits with some low-interest rates ~1.8%. Then, after a couple of years, I started actively investing in stocks, Crowdfunding/P2P, and, finally, Real Estate (rental apartments) was added to my portfolio.

In this blog I will share some strategies, ideas and updates related to the structure and size of my investment portfolio. I hope that a lot of people will find this information useful.


I’m passionate about economics, finance and investing, but I’m not a financial expert. In this blog, I share my own successes and failures on a way to financial freedom. The content on this blog is not financial or investment advice.

I’m not a native English speaker, but you probably already noticed it anyway. I apologize for any mistakes in advance.

Some posts may contain affiliate links. Clicking on some of them may result in bonus for both of us 🙂


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